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Metro Detroit Retractable Deck Awnings

St. Clair Awning Company provides the very best for your Metro Detroit retractable deck awnings. We specialize in converting your deck into a beautiful, useable “outdoor room” where you can relax and entertain guests and family. Our retractable deck awnings are perfect for protecting your outdoor furniture from the harmful rays of sun and rain. Also, retractable deck awnings can reduce energy costs! For more information on our Metro Detroit retractable deck awnings, call us today at (888) 328-3001.

Custom Retractable Deck Awnings Options

We provide the best in custom retractable deck awning options. St. Clair Awning Company is an authorized SunSetter dealer, providing you with the best options including Motorized Pro, Motorized, and Vista awnings in Metro Detroit! With great feature options like a one-touch convenience of a remote control or a simple hand crank, our SunSetter awnings provide everything you need! Our deck awnings provide the durability, stability and performance you want! For more information on our custom retractable deck awning options in Michigan, contact us today!

Deck Awning Colors, Styles and Collections

St. Clair Awning Co. offers everything you need to customize your new deck awning, with a variety of colors, styles and collections. Browse our collections including Sonoma, Savannah, Tahoe, Nantucket, and Newport. Also, you can choose the ideal fabric for your awning, including woven acrylic and laminated fabrics. From homes to businesses, our deck awnings are perfect for your outdoor seating areas! Order your new retractable deck awning today!

Order Your SunSetter Retractable Deck Awning Today!

Our professionals provide everything you need when ordering your SunSetter retractable deck awning. From ordering to installation we have you covered! Shop our showroom in Harrison Township or online today! For more information on SunSetter retractable deck awning installations and products, call us today at (888) 328-3001!