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SunSetter Awnings in Metro Detroit

When it comes to SunSetter awnings in Metro Detroit, St. Clair Awning Company has what you need! Protect your deck furniture, create shade from the sun and transform your patio with a customized SunSetter awning. St. Clair Awning Co. has a wide selection of fabric colors, styles and models. Whether you’re looking for a motorized SunSetter awning or a retractable awning, we can help you customize your deck! Call (888) 328 - 3001 for more information about Metro Detroit SunSetter awnings!

Motorized and Retractable SunSetter Awnings

When it comes to transforming your deck or patio, St. Clair Awning Company has many awning options to choose from. With our motorized SunSetter awnings, you can create shade from the sun or protection from the rain with the touch of a remote button! St. Clair Awning Co. also has retractable deck awnings that can create shade with a simple hand crank. All of our awnings are exceptionally affordable, and we offer awning installation! Contact us today to learn more about motorized and retractable SunSetter awnings!

SunSetter Awning Dealers in Detroit, Michigan

If you’re looking to better your deck area with a SunSetter awning, look no further than St. Clair Awning Company in Metro Detroit, Michigan. We have everything you need including Motorized, Motorized Pro, and Vista awning options. Great awning prices and awning installation services make it easy for you to turn your patio into a relaxing, protected and enjoyable place to spend time with friends and family. If you want to know more about our awning color choices or the different fabrics, styles and models we offer, call our SunSetter awning dealer at (888) 328 - 3001.

Get SunSetter Awning Installation Today

Your family is going to love spending time on your new deck or patio area. SunSetter awnings are the best way to protect outdoor furniture from UV rays, hot sun and rain. Plus, you can save energy and cut energy costs with SunSetter awnings! No other awnings come with the features, values and benefits of a SunSetter home awning. Call the awning experts at (888) 328 - 3001 to get SunSetter awning installation in Metro Detroit, Michigan.